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ONCORE Goal Workshop

We know the best performances will come from an individual that is thriving in all aspects of their life. The overarching desire is to provide the best opportunities to all athletes connecting with sport. Ensuring they have the greatest experience possible while engaged, with the potential to develop a range of skills, both physically and mentally. When the choice is made to retire, they can do so having gained the most they can to successfully pursue other goals and passions beyond sport. 

These Workshops have been developed and designed to enhance the self-development of individuals of all ages, abilities and across all walks of life and all sports. It will work alongside, and in conjunction with, the physical development structures that already exist within organised sporting pathways and programs. 


The content is a combination of educational pieces, interactive activities, athlete stories and motivational quotes, available as four online sessions (Goals, Resilience, Opportunities, Wellness) and also available as face-to-face workshops. It provides a highly effective and focused approach towards improving wellbeing strategies. 


The total price for Workshops depend on your location and can include one or more of the session topics depending on your area of interest. You can also combine this with a Swimmer Clinic or Teacher Workshop to create a full day or activities!


Want to know more? Send us an email.

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