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With its unique features and innate ability to improve body position and alignment, core stability and control, feel and hold of the water, ONCORE® is cementing itself as a must have tool across the aquatic industry. ONCORE® 201 dives deeper, understanding the skill sequence - build, strengthen, connect, move - and drill progressions for each, plus an introduction into using ONCORE® in all four strokes. It highlights the benefits of using ONCORE® across various ages, and abilities, by explaining the drills in depth as well as how and when to integrate these in your program/lessons/session. It’s suitable for anyone and everyone that is new to ONCORE®, looking to gain an understanding of the product, its development, its use and benefits. Through 10 modules, participants will read, listen, watch and learn to come away with the knowledge required to incorporate ONCORE® drills and experience the advantage that ONCORE® brings to your swimming. What's included: * 59 x Steps which are self-paced and available using a desktop/laptop via our website and mobile/tablet via our app (ONCORE Academy on Fit by Wix). * 36 x Drill videos, narrated by Founder Jade Edmistone. * 13 x example drill sequences * 4 x Bonus videos showing example drill sequences in each of the 4 skills. Each video demonstrates a sequence of drills that can be done within a lesson/session and includes some higher-level drills as compared to those described in the course as an example of what is possible. * 3 x PDF resources detailing key points of the course, with images and cue words for each drill and example sequences for adding drills to your program/lesson/session. These can be downloaded and printed for ease of reference once the course is completed.

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